Amazing Products


Once again I just wanted to let you know that the products I have tried from Nutronix have all exceeded my expectations.  So I have come become very passionate about them and any opportunity I get to promote them I do.

That is the best thing about this business I can work it offline as well, and have so far sold the 02 coral calcium, the NuCleanse and Shu Li Pouches.  A friend at work was promoting a similar product to the Pouches,  but at twice the price so with the ShuLi you  not only get quality but an affordable product.

I have only had excellent feedback from all the above products I have sold so far, and they are also going to be recurring customers as well.

So to me it is a win-win situation.

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Shu Li Pain Relief Pouches


Well I finally tried the Shu Li Pouches and wasn’t sure what to expect- apart from being somewhat skeptical.

So the next time my sciatica was giving me gip instead of reaching for the pill bottle it was an excellent time to try these pouches out.  I put these pristine white pouches on the soles of my feet as indicated by the chart for the back area.

I felt a heat sensation in my feet after a few minutes.

Not long after I went to bed and when I woke in the morning the pain was gone.  Next time to  remove the pouches and ugh they were black from all the toxins drawn from my body.  They didn’t smell that great either lol

These pouches are amazing!

You have to try them now

Ease your pain


Eating and Diet


I agree totally that the old fashioned way of eating is the best.

Fast food and additives are really taking its toll especially on the young of today.  I find it ironic that the necessities of life like bread, vegetables and milk have become more expensive than fizzy drinks, chips etc.

No wonder there are so many hyperactive people around.

Cheers for all your comments

Detox with Nu Cleanse?


You wont be disappointed

Next time you flush

Nu Cleanse is the way to go

When you want to detox.  lol

Thanks for all your comments they are very much appreciated.  I feel I have discovered a really great company to be a part of for the future.  I have not been disappointed with any of their products so far and somehow don’t think I will be.

My next product that I can’t wait to try are the Shu Li Patches so will let you know how they go.

Hope you liked the ditty!


Feeling Toxic?


If you are like me and feel like your body is a toxic waste dump

at times lol from maybe too many late nights and too much junk food.

Never fear Nu Cleanse is here!

It is a herbal blend to cleanse your body and detoxify. So it is very gentle on your digestive system.

This company called Nutronix International has a large top of the range Health and Wellness products, and I am pleased to say that so far I have been more than impressed with them.
I have used the Nu Cleanse  for a month now and feel well lighter, and less toxic.

If you want to view their products feel free to take a look.


Nothing is Wasted


I have a tip to share with you.

When you have used your coral calcium sachet there is no need to waste the contents.

These can be merely opened up and put in your pot plants when you water them, or you can mix it into your pets food. This product is from a natural source being from the reefs of Okinawa.

So if you haven’t taken a free tour yet just click below

Your body will love you for it.


How I Got Started


Well I just realised that I hadn’t mentioned where I found the Berry Tree.

It was when I was listening to a free presentation at the Win Network.

I had joined the Win Network as a free member and joined an online live meeting,

the members were a fun and lively bunch and the presentation was very informative.

Each time I attended a Berry Tree meeting I learnt more and knew I wanted to be part

of this business.

So if you yourself want to learn more remember it is free to join and watch a presentation.

You even get a chance to win some dollars!

See you there


Are You Asthmatic?


For the last month a friend of mine from work who is an asthmatic,

has been my guinea pig lol

I gave her a months supply of 02 Coral calcium, and told her to put

one in her water bottle, and just sip it suring the day like she normally did.

In this heat a water bottle is compulsory! Well it should be.

She said normally at this time of year her asthma would be unbearable,

but she hadn’t had to use her asthma pump at all, after have the 02.


Take advantage of the trial offer at

Let me know if you think it is coincidence or 02 has amazing

health benefits.


Having a Heatwave


Whew! we are sure getting some summer sun here and of course consuming lots of 02 with coral calcium.

If your have annoying pain and can’t sleep because of it. I would recommend the New Shu Li Patches , just put one on the area of the body where there is pain and ahh the relief.

Or if you want to put them on the soles of your feet to draw out toxins they are extemely beneficial.

Read all about it at

Happy Holidays


I hope everyone whether it be hot or cold is having happy holidays.

We are basking in the hot heat of summer and of course drinking

lots of water, with 02 coral calcium.

It really does make a difference to the taste of the water, it just makes

it so much nicer to drink and really rehydrating.

See you here

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